About Coach

My name is Sanjay Behuria. I am passionate about my coaching. As a professional coach with many years of experience in the corporate arena, I love to be a mentor for men and women, as I facilitate their development, their level of self-empowerment, and their growth as successful business people and personally well-rounded individuals leading fulfilling lives at work and at home. I am a skilled facilitator and i believe in mutual learning. I am a consultant with and mentor non-profits to build sustainable models and finalize financial plans for grants for their projects.

My education consists of a graduate degree in History, a masters degree in Business, graduate degree in Law, post graduate in Applied Psychology, PG Diploma in Counselling and a Diploma in Coaching. I have been upgrading my skills and education while I was working for 27 years as a specialist in the Banking Sector.

My experience in the Banking sector includes Small Business, Credit, Administration, Marketing, Audit, Treasury and Trading of financial instruments. I have trained and mentored large numbers of juniors who have gone on to attain success in their respective areas. My business coaching and consulting services leverages all my above experience.

Currently I am Executive Director at Livelihood BASIX Inc, a NY stat registered nonprofit. You may visit www.livelihoodbasix.org to know more. I am also a Senior Professional Fellow at Social Global Enterprise at the Johnson School of Management, Cornell University.

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Coaching Options

Coaching: Individual coaching is offered in one hour sessions as often as required over the phone or person to person – followed by e-mail home task at mutually agreed upon times.

Group Coaching: In depth group coaching sessions focus on strategies, team building, and key issues.

Executive Coaching/Business Coaching/Advisory Board Role:
Face-to-face meetings as needed in groups or individually with key personnel to better understand the business and make recommendations.
Can I Coach You ?
Yes, if you have the 4c’s of courage, commitment, challenge and choice.
Yes, if you accept change as positive and required.
Yes, if you realize that if you want different results you will have to DO differently.
Yes, if you are committed to being the best in all areas of your life.
Yes, if you take fulll responsibility.
Yes, if improvement is your mission in life.

You could be a:
Business Owner/Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneur in Transition
Creative Professional
Financial/Medical Professional
Internet/Software Company
Sales Professional
Non-profit owner/executive

Approach Taken during Coaching
Help you to:
Know Your Self.
Know your stregths and weaknesses.
Know and get rid of what holds you back.
Set clear goals, and strategies for achieving them.
Achieve balance in all areas of your life.
Vision, Mission, Strategic and Action Plan with regular reviews

My promise document

As your life coach, I promise:


  • To conduct all my dealings with you in absolute dignity,respect, honesty, confidentially, and as an equal
  • Always to conduct myself with integrity, responsibilityand accountability;
  • Always to attend all meetings on time;
  • Always to answer the telephone at the agreed time;
  • Always to be prepared for your coaching call;
  • To treat all information discussed with you orwritten to you with confidentiality:
  • To be committed to both the spirit and the letter ofany agreement made with you;
  • Always to ask for written permission from you torelease your name as a referee;
  • Not to defraud, deceive, misrepresent or mislead you;
  • To recommend the services of other institutions or professionals if appropriate;
  • These services are offered without liability, obligation or redress to my company or myself;
  • To lift the bar just when you thought you had achieved it;
  • To share with you all my knowledge, skills, experienceand expertise as appropriate;
  • To challenge any self-deceptions that hinder yourprogress towards your ultimate outcomes;
  • To give you all the assistance, help, support,encouragement and guidance in fulfilling the
  • outcomesor objectives agreed with me.

Client Code of Conduct Document

  • Always attend all meetings on time.
  • Always telephone at the agreed time.
  • Always be prepared for the coaching call:
  • Always check what you have achieved against your tasks;
  • List what is still outstanding with your explanation for not completing the tasks and e-mail me 24 hours prior to your next coaching session;
  • Consider what actions may be necessary prior to sessions.
  • Be honest at all times. Lying does not serve your best interest.
  • You agree that I can challenge you if you are deceiving yourself or on any areas I see appropriate to do so.
  • Be willing and enthusiastic about trying new methods that I, as your coach, may suggest from time to time.
  • Accept and willingly work on direct, honest feedback received.
  • At all times work in partnership with me.
  • Be prepared to work on all areas of life with me, not just your career. I am interested in your whole life, not just a part.
  • Arrange for payments to be made in advance for all coaching calls.
  • If you believe you have benefited from my service, please recommend business coaching to others.
  • Send any forms back promptly and fully completed.
  • Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone into an achievement zone with my support.
  • Practice what you learn in the coaching session in your daily life.




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